PAYMENT : A credit card is required for purchase. We accept all major credit cards. Please let us know if your credit card information changes. Old numbers or expired cards can hold up your order if we need to call you to get updated information. Thank you!!

SHIPPING : Our shipping options are limited to UPS and USPS.

BACK ORDERS: If we are out of an item on your order we will give you a call and offer substitutions if available, or inquire if you would like to go into our back order system. Once the item comes back into stock we will give you a call to check and see if you are still in need of the item. Back-orders are filled based on the date the original order was put in. Back-orders get priority over new orders when we get a new shipment in.

RETURN GOODS POLICY: We are happy to accept returns as long as the product is in original condition and within 3 months of the invoice date. If the reason for the return was some error or problem on our end we will refund your return shipping  as long as we get the product back within 30 days.  If the reason for the return was an ordering error then we will still accept the return but the return shipping will be your responsibility.  If a product proves defective we will take it back for credit or replacement per your instructions within 6 months of purchase.  

DROP SHIP FEE : We do allow drop ships to your customers. The fee for this service is 5.00.

MISSING/DAMAGED ITEMS: Please notify us within 10 days of receipt of a package with missing or damaged items. We can not be responsible for missing or damaged items after 30 days. Opening and inspecting the contents of your package upon receipt will help you identify any problems immediately.

 STOCK / QUANTITIES: Our stock changes minute to minute here.  Because of that ,we reserve the right to limit quantities of certain items from time to time in order to take care of as many customers as possible until the next shipment arrives.