5 X 14MM Screw with washer for Spurs (3), B-8 Butt (2), S-3 Strainer (2) FL-33B (2), FL-35BW (2)


5 X 14MM Screw with washer for Strainers S-3C, S-3B, S-5, S-9, S-9X, S-9XB, S-9XBR, S-10, S-10AG,  S-11,

S-11B, S-11BR, S-11ST, S-11AG. Also fits the B-10, B-10B, B-10BR, B-8, B-8ST, B-4, B-4B, B-4BR.  For the strainers and butt plates you will need 2 each. These mounting screws also fit all of our floor tom brackets each requiring 2. These also can be used for our spurs. 8 per pair of the SP-60 spurs. 6 per pair for the SP-39 or SP-50 white spurs.